RNS is a multi-listing platform for Real Estate companies situated in the Benoni, Boksburg, and Kempton Park Areas.

There is one listing agent who has the rights to advertise and market your property with the support of the majority of the top agencies in these areas who have direct access to sell your home through the RNS system.



As a Seller, you will only have one listing appointment, which saves time, hassle and tidying the house more often than necessary for viewing and for photographing.


By placing the property on the RNS system through Monarch, the Property is automatically listed and all details are conveyed to approximately thirty five Real Estate Companies in the Benoni area and approximately forty five in the Boksburg area.


The RNS listing agent (Monarch) will be responsible for the marketing of your property. The home will be advertised regularly on our vast internet based social media platforms and property portals including Privateproperty.co.za, Property24.co.za also Homefinder.co.za during the mandate period. The listing agent will also host show houses if it is deemed to be beneficial.


Your RNS listing agent / agency, works closely with all the RNS member agents / agencies and will ensure that your property is exposed to our entire network of agents and buyers thus expediting the sale.


All the individual details as well as salient features of the home including security and access detail, fixtures and fittings, special attributes, conveniences and benefits of living here are all data captured by the listing agent and hence there should be no lack of information available for the agents to pass on to a prospective purchaser, and the possibility of information being inaccurate is minimized.


As the price and all financial details are captured by our office and then uploaded, all the RNS agents/agencies will have the same price eliminating discrepancies and different marketing prices. 


The RNS listing agent will, within a maximum of 12 days of the listing date, conduct an open hour, where all the RNS agents are invited to view the property and give price guidance by evaluating it. By conducting an open hour the agents are introduced to the property quickly, and thereafter are in a position to introduce prospective purchasers. It must be noted that due to Covid and the lockdown level this may be a virtual viewing if a physical viewing is not possible.


The RNS system gives you, the Seller, the opportunity of obtaining absolute commitment and service from Monarch the marketing agency, while maximizing exposure and not being restricted to one company as in the case of a Sole Agency.


Every property on the RNS system is discussed and monitored regularly to identify and rectify any potential issues that may impact on the sale of the home. If these matters are points which you can address in order to expedite the sale the consultant will bring them to your attention and discuss them with you. 


An Activity report will be left at the home and every agent who shows the home will complete the report. By doing this we are able to determine how much activity there has been, assess the saleability and confirm we are on track to achieve the desired result.